quinta-feira, dezembro 05, 2013

There is hope for level 140 on candy crush

Wake up in the morning and grab your cellphone. Take a deep breath and push the "play" button. It could be the 100th time you give it a try. Or 1000th. Probably you already found out that there are no strategies for this level. Probably you already found out there are no cheats or tricks to clear the 140 level on candy crush. But let me tell you a story I've heard a couple of years ago:

During the year of 1930, people heard about an old gentleman with a brown hat and a black mustache that made it. He cleared level 140 on candy crush, and what was more unbelievable, he made it at the third try. It was a rainy day, the wind was blowing and the trees would dance outside the window at the same rhythm than the gentleman's cellphone sound. So happy of his conquest, the gentleman screamed "Sweet!" and after that he said "Delicious!" and after that he disappeared forever. Those two words echoed on the empty streets for ages, but never again the gentleman was seen.

This story have been told by generations, passing from fathers to daughters, heard in silent corridors or told during winter nights near the fireplace. There are no records of that gentleman, the first one to achieve it. No one knows what happened, some people thinks he was kidnapped by the candy crush mafia, other people believes he is trapped by our government in order to study his brain and skills, other people believes he simply found out the secret of his existence and lives now in a much better place that it is still locked to the ordinary people. But, in order to remember him, the candy crush developers included a record of the gentleman's voice screaming the same two words: "Sweet!" and "Delicious!" as the brave man screamed that windy night.

Either way, that is not the question. No matter what happened to him, one thing you know now, It is possible. Level 140 on candy crush can be cleared. Is not a matter of faith, it has been proved. So, come on little candy crush addict, just raise your eyes to the window, take a deep breath and click "retry" one more time. Only one more time until is done. it is possible!