quarta-feira, novembro 28, 2012

Dona Céu - external and anonymous collaboration

Dona Céu is 53 years old. She’s divorced and has 2 kids that she sees often enough. She lives with a friend in the south of Spain in a small house with a blue door. She picked the house because of the blue door. Somehow it made sense to live in a house with a blue door when your name means sky.

She loves to cook and to gather friends and family around the dinner table chatting and eating her marvelous cooking. She’s particularly good with the oven. Everything she bakes comes out tasting delicious. Her friends often joke she could bake a rock and it would come out tasting delicious.
Dona Ceu works with old people. She feels it’s her way to give back to society. Most people would prefer to work with children but it her case she feels old people need her more and she feels it’s rewarding to be where you’re needed.

She has very few worldly possessions except for her book collection and an old porche. These seem to be her only 2 hobbies in life.

She used to travel a lot around the world and sometimes in the very few occasions when she has a lot of scotch you can still listen to her stories about distant places and different lives.
When asked why she doesn’t travel anymore she usually answers she’s happy where she is.

(Dona Céu has been created/found by a friend)
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