domingo, maio 15, 2005

Shit will coming out

from this post. But I'm happy. The English tongue test run hole right (o teste da lingua inglesa correu todo bem). Which is good for me. So my sweat lovers (meus amores suados), it seems that you'll have to aturated me writting in english. Well, the truth (a truta?) is that i'm starting to like english. That's in part because all my other subjects are dry (as outras disciplinas sao uma seca). That's not completly true, I'm being meat (estou a ser mazinha).

Well, I've found a great blog that is in english tongue. I really like it and I'm going there easter day (todos os dias). The authorist (a autora), whom's a portuguese girl, write on a kind of english that i'm able to understand... sometimes. So ain't mad (não é mau).

Then I've got a friend that always talk to me on msn in english tongue. I really hope that, in 3 weeks, we'll pass one hole week eating little girls (uma semana inteira comendo pitas). Until we get lick (até ficarmos doentes).

At last but not least, I guess that this post is also in honour of my english teacher. Somehow I like her... yes, she did failed me two years ago (ela falhou-me? chumbou-me!!) but I guess you're not wondering shy (n se devem tar a perguntar porquê).

So, you can beat (puntz puntz puntz) to this 3 beautiful and clear thinking (e de pensamentos lavados) girls (grelos) and for now I won't starve u no more (já não vos estorvo mais) because I'm without time for even scratch my ass.

I've wine! (ganhei!)
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